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  • How the professional leather cleaning service works

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    Make a booking for a date and time you prefer

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    We Come

    A fully equipped technician will come to your place

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    We Do Clean

    He will apply the most suitable leather cleaning method

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    Enjoy you refreshed leather furniture

Eco Clean Solutions: The Ultimate in Leather Cleaning

Every owner of leather upholstery is a proud owner who deserves to entrust their cleaning to a reliable company. Fortunately, that's us. We have wide and comprehensive kinds of cleaning services. We also deal with leather car interiors. Our services accommodate any budget and our work is guaranteed to be delivered in a timely manner.

We remove stains and spots with eco-friendly high tech detergents which we apply and later remove carefully by using cotton cloths.  Our people are very highly trained and have the skills and tools to restore your sofa. It will be soft and comfortable as if it was new again.

We treat spots and stains using professional detergents, which are carefully applied using cotton cloths and wiped away afterward. The cleaners are equipped with the right cleaning techniques and tools to brighten your sofa up. You will have it soft and comfy like it’s new again.

The Benefits: why clean your leather upholstery.

  • Prolongs your fine's leather useful life.
  • It keeps it looking professional and valuable
  • It enhances its color and freshness.
  • Removes bad odors, stains, and, most importantly, allergens.

We are committed to using our skills and expertise so that our customers are always happy. We appreciate your business and we aim to keep you coming back to us each time. Trust us, you'll be fascinated with the results each time.

Treating leather is an art that requires the skills, equipment, experience, products, and materials. We have them and we are masters of this art which is why your leather will be safe in our hands and will never be damaged by our procedures.

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Below you can see some results of our couch and sofa leather cleaning services:

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    Power Washing

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  • We Guarantee...


Will all stains be removed?

If it can't be removed at all, our highly trained professionals are the ones to do it using their special range of solutions and skills. However, every stain is different some every now and then there is one that cannot be removed.

How often should Leather be professionally cleaned?

We recommend having it cleaned professionally every twelve to eighteen months just to keep in in optimal shape. But if it's been soiled or stained, then it should be treated as soon as possible. Quick attention to this, provided by a pro will guarantee you will get the right attention and the best results. For fabric upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning the recommendations are the same.

Can the items be used right after they have been cleaned?

Typically, yes. Leather dries out completely in before 2 hours. (depending on the humidity and air flow)

How much will it cost?

Call us today or visit our website. We can inform you about the cost if you contact us but that will be an estimate that needs to be re-assessed after one of our technicians has physically seen what the job at hand is. Once our professional cleaner visits you, he will give you a free estimate without any obligations for you before any work is started. If you accept the estimate, he will go to work right then and there, if possible.

Is it possible to clean Leather too often?

No. The more frequent, the better, in fact.

I have old stains on my Leather, can you remove them?

If somebody can do it for you, it is us. We will try our best.

Will leather cleaning destroy the stain-resist treatment?

We suggest to play it safe and re-apply the leather conditioner after every cleaning if requested for small extra cost.