Is Your Carpet Cleaner Leaving Shark Teeth in Your Carpet?

Is Your Carpet Cleaner Leaving Shark Teeth in Your Carpet?


I will definitely attempt to continue to keep this quick, as its impact in the earth with all the outrageous factors going on will not be really much. Nonetheless, I have been getting with developing fascination and worry even, a lot more and extra carpet cleaners are leaving “shark tooth” patterns in carpet they cleanse (like a backgammon board). There are no accredited cleaning lessons everywhere that instruct this, and in reality instruct against it. I just put in about 2 several hours on some carpet cleaner’s boards and was surprised at the higher thoughts managing on both side of this difficulty!

So simply just put, when I cleanse carpet, any wand marks, swirls from our rotary equipment, footprints are brushed/groomed out at the close to test and make the carpet appear as near to new as feasible. When I start off teaching a new cleaner, he/she will invariably operate the wand in a way that will depart “shark enamel”. I then will instruct them that they are to run the wand straight ahead and then straight again, jog the wand more than a several inches, and then repeat. Then following cleaning a part, they will repeat what they just did but devoid of functioning any drinking water for the dry strokes. That’s it. Uncomplicated. Why? Effectively, glad you asked.

1) This applies a dependable amount of money of cleaning and drying to all elements of the carpet. When angling the strokes in its place (that can bring about “shark tooth”) on possibly the cleaning and/or dry strokes, distinct areas of the carpet are getting dealt with inconsistently. The only inconsistency I will purposely lead to is concerning cleaning a frivolously dirty spot (these kinds of as under a sofa) as as opposed to a principal targeted traffic area, but that is only done by varying how significantly in excess of the wand is “jogged” more than at the end of just about every back and forth stroke (which is called the “j” stroke by the way).

2) Right after cleaning a area, if there is still an space that needs additional cleaning to be as thoroughly clean as possible, this will be commonly apparent if the wand was employed correctly. Even so, when leaving shark teeth in the carpet, it is extremely tricky to see if targeted traffic parts/spots are essentially cleaned as very well as doable, considering the fact that the reverse shading hides just about all the things (you might want to browse this paragraph yet again…).

Now, some cleaners will clear the proper way I just described, but then will purposely groom/brush the carpet so as to depart the shark enamel. Now we are having down to own tastes. The factor to keep in brain is that marks like the shark enamel that are left in the carpet as it dries will not be heading any place anytime before long. They might be visible for numerous weeks or months. If that is cool with the home-owner, then that is good. If they are NOT neat with it, then the cleaner better groom it evenly. Once more, really uncomplicated. Some people (and you may well be one of them), home owners, etc sense like the marks give the carpet a “just cleaned” search and so want them in there. In some circles this has progressed to in which the buyer will wonder if the carpet was even cleaned if there aren’t any marks!! Wow, what is going on to the environment? (Sorry for the drama). Anyway, relaxation confident that a high vast majority of carpet cleaners continue to clean up the correct way, and if you have a specific worry about this issue you can just talk to them on the cell phone when scheduling or when they demonstrate up to clean up. Soon after all, clean up carpet with marks or no marks is much better than soiled carpet. Have a fantastic day!

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