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According to a pilot study by the University College Dublin, the average person in Ireland spends 45 minutes per day (weekdays) and 40 minutes per day (weekends) on everyday cleaning tasks in the home, or a little more than 5 hours per week, with women averaging significantly higher than men in this task. According to that same study, the average person in Ireland needs an average of 28 hours per day to take care of all of the things they need to do (including work, sleep, self-care, caring for children, entertainment and preparing and eating meals).

Not having enough time to “do it all” is a large part of the stress people feel in the modern era. Stresses, lack of time, lack of cleaning or not cleaning the ‘right way’, are all causes of conflict between couples as well.

One way to aid in the time deficit, reduce arguments, and relieve some stress is to hire a professional house cleaning service. A professional house cleaning service can often do in a day more than what you spend 5 hours of your valuable time over a week to do, and often for less than your time is worth to you.

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The Real Value of House Cleaning

Your time is worth a lot more than the wage per hour you earn. For every hour spent cleaning your home, you could be earning that wage by working more hours, or you could be relaxing with friends, playing with your children, spending time with your partner, working on a hobby that you enjoy, watching your favourite program on television, playing your sport, or any number of things that you would rather be doing than cleaning. Catch up on that sleep you’re not getting in fresh linens in a freshly hoovered room!  Whatever else you’re doing, you are reducing that time deficit that we all have and you’re likely reducing your stress.

Whether you want a house cleaning service for a one-off for an event, on a monthly, biweekly or weekly, you are saving valuable time.

The Cost of House Cleaning

In Dublin, professional house cleaning services do not have to cost a lot. Prices can range from €16 per hour of service to a couple of hundred euro for a one-off deep clean of a four-bedroom house. In some cases, special house cleaning services, like exterior window washing, sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning can be added for an additional cost.

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Strangers in My Home

Most people would feel at least a little uncomfortable with a stranger in their home, especially if they are off at work while the stranger has the house to his or herself. For that reason, it is worth looking into the house cleaning service that you use. Do the cleaners have references?  Have they been interviewed in person by a manager at the service?  Have background checks been conducted?  Is the service insured?  How long have they been in business?

It’s also worth taking the time to help your cleaner understand your home and your expectations. Are there rooms or items that they shouldn’t clean?  Are there areas you want them to focus on more than others?  If the cleaning service will come regularly are there seasonal tasks that you want them to take care of (cleaning drapes in the Spring, for example)?  Clear, direct communication will help all parties feel more comfortable and reduce the stress of having someone closely involved in your household.

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What Sort of Service Can I Expect?

The service you can expect from a house cleaning service is entirely up to you and the service but should be written in a contract for everyone’s protection. Generally, for basic house cleaning services in Dublin you can expect the bedrooms to be tidied and bedsheets changed and laundered, all carpets hoovered, all floors swept and mopped, the bathrooms cleaned including toilets and tubs and showers, windows cleaned on the inside, dusting of furniture and shelves and a cleaned and tidy kitchen. Other services may come at an additional cost if they are not expressly included in the contract. Some of these house cleaning services may include laundering, ironing and folding clothing, carpet cleaning, cleaning of drapes and exterior windows, cleaning of storage areas and garages, deep cleaning and organizing cupboards, taking care of pets and plants, and stain removal.

Negotiating the service is also a time where clear and direct communication will help all parties understand and meet expectations and feel more comfortable, so you can go and enjoy the hours that you’ve saved without stress.

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