How to Clean an Office Chair

5 Simple Ways To Clean Your Office Chair


When you get the job done from household or in an office, it is possible you shell out a large amount of your day in your chair. In between sandwich crumbs, coffee spills, and pet hair (even though that just one might be just for us at-household personnel), office chairs can undoubtedly use a great clean from time to time.

This website displays you how to clean an office chair in 5 uncomplicated actions, so you can get again to do the job in a pristine ecosystem. For more data or personalised assistance, call our workforce at Eco Clean Solutions these days.

The Pre-Clean Checklist

Check the tag on your chair. This is ordinarily situated on the again, the platform (where by the cushion sits) or under removable seat cushions. The tag will generally have a cleaning code on it, which will figure out the approach you are going to have to have to use from in this article. Assure you only adhere to the tactics that utilize to your chair’s needs.

W – Use water-dependent solvent.
S – Use solvent-centered solutions, basically indicating dry clean only.
S/W – Use a blend of h2o and dry cleaning solvents. This form isn’t witnessed extremely often.
X – Use vacuum only. This type is also uncommon.

Cleaning Your Office Chair

1. Vacuum and Dust

To avoid stains from location in or to halt building your mess even harder to clean, generally acquire treatment of any spills straight absent. Vacuum or use a paper towel on the chair to decide on up any crumbs, dirt, or other particles. Make positive the vacuum environment isn’t as well impressive, as this can damage leather-based chairs.

2. Wipe it Down

For liquid stains on W chair upholstery, blot with a fabric dampened with just drinking water. Sponge up as substantially of the liquid as possible— you may well need to have to repeat this quite a few moments until the bulk of the moisture is out. For especially stubborn stains, include a delicate dish soap to the h2o and proceed blotting. Do not rub, as this can make the stain even worse or problems the upholstery.

For liquid stains on S chair upholstery, use a certain cleaning solvent. These can appear in liquid, foam, or powder kinds. In any scenario, apply a tiny amount to a fabric to blot the stain, following the guidance on the product. Use a moist fabric to wick absent the solvent.

3. Enable it Dry

Make certain to wipe away any soap residue. Use a dry fabric to carefully mop up any leftover liquid, and leave the chair to dry by natural means.

4. Location Clean

When the chair is dry, inspect it for any spots you may possibly have missed, and look at the parts you cleaned stains from. Use an alcoholic beverages-based cleaner to clean up any remaining stains, but take a look at it in an inconspicuous space initial to make sure it won’t hurt the cloth. When you know it’s harmless to use, drop a few of drops of alcoholic beverages onto the stain, not permitting the material get too wet, and clear away with a moist cloth. Depart it to air-dry all over again.

5. Wipe Down Wheels, Arms, and Legs

Wipe the wheels, arms, and legs with a damp cloth, creating certain you really do not get any of these regions also moist, in particular the wheels. After carried out, wipe yet again with a dry cloth.

Need a Further Clean?

We hope this article has been practical for you to clean your office chair. At Eco Clean Solutions, we recognize some cleaning employment require specialist help, and we offer you commercial cleaning for all sorts of business environments like offices. We also have franchise opportunities obtainable across Eire.


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