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How to take out candle wax from your upholstery?


We’ve all hosted supper events, what much better than placing the temper with some candlelight? However If not cautiously dealt with this “mood lighting” with warning, it can drip onto your stunning textiles! Do not fear, This occurs the greatest of us once in a while. It may well appear like the finish of the globe when you see the vanilla fragranced candle trickling down and sinking into your beautiful rug, specifically if it is not yours. Prior to considering about how to redecorate the complete residence or how to blame your in guidelines bear in mind there is nevertheless time and hope. At Magic Carpet Cleaning we understand that mishaps occur and that’s all right! The good news is, we have received you included and have put with each other a straightforward treatment and some specialist tricks that will help elevate off your waxy, oil-centered stain.

Matters you will need:

  • A bag of ice or an ice pack
  • A hairdryer or iron
  • A butter knife
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Parchment paper

Recall: If you are not sure about getting rid of the candle wax for your carpet, rug or sofa, connect with us at 02089302650 and we can talk the treatment with you move by move!

  1. Location a bag of ice on prime of the wax stain and allow it to freeze for a couple of minutes. It usually usually takes no additional than 10 minutes to comprehensive this process. Make guaranteed the ice bag does not get moist, as the wax will grow to be even far more tough to remove if there is dampness.
  2. When the wax is solidly frozen, scrape as substantially as you can off the carpet, rug or sofa with the issue of a butter knife. Be cautious not to slice or problems the fibres within just your textiles while executing this.
  3. Clean all of the scraped-off chunks of wax with your vacuum cleaner.
  4. Place the knife away and position parchment paper on top of the residual stain if there is continue to some wax on your carpet that is tough to scrape out.
  5. Warmth the parchment paper and the wax underneath it with your hair dryer or iron on a medium to large setting. When the parchment paper starts to take in the wax stain, rotate it all around so that there is always a clean location more than the wax.
  6. Repeat this until finally all the wax has been lifted off the carpet.
  7. If the candle wax that melted above your carpet was colored, dab the afflicted places with a towel dampened with rubbing liquor until finally the color is long gone.
  8. Lastly, vacuum the location where by the wax was to ensure that each individual very last trace of the stain has been eradicated.

Magic Carpet Cleanings Major Strategies:

Suggestion #1: When making use of the rubbing alcoholic beverages, at Magic Carpet Cleaning Eire, we strongly advise you to check it on an unseen location of the carpet, these types of as a corner of the room or a leftover patch of carpet immediately after it has been equipped. This makes certain that you are knowledgeable of any reactions that may possibly come about inside the fibres within your textiles ahead of implementing it to clear away the stain.
Idea #2: Start blotting employing the rubbing liquor from the centre of the dyed wax stain- this guarantees that the stain does not become larger whilst remaining blotted.
Suggestion #3: Magic Carpet Cleaning Eire really suggests ready for expert aid with delicate fabrics these as velvet or swede. For the reason that any liquids that come into contact with this kind of products would depart an undesirable residue or watermarks, they can only be cleaned with a dry cleaning method (see Magic Carpet Cleaning’s dry cleaning method listed here).
Idea #4: If you do not have parchment paper, you could use a paper towel.

How to get candle wax off your couch?

Fabric couch:

  • Leave the wax to solidify as soon as it has been poured. Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and place it about the stain to pace up the process. If you try out to wipe the wax away just before it hardens, you’ll only spread it just about everywhere and result in a even worse issue.
  • When the wax has established, take away as much as possible. Any boring, flat-edged tool, these kinds of as a butter knife or spatula, can be used to realize this. Simply chip away at the wax right up until as a great deal as probable has been eliminated.
  • Use an absorbent substance to the stain, this kind of as a paper towel or parchment paper. Set your iron to medium heat and iron the paper towel thoroughly. The paper towel absorbs the wax as the heat from the iron melts it. To keep away from unintentionally ironing the wax back again into the couch, improve the paper towel as shortly as you observe the wax absorbed into it. Replace the paper towel sheets with new ones.

Leather sofas:

We comprehend that leather sofas are a well-known selection in the Eire. Even even though at Magic Carpet Cleaning Ireland we do not specialise in leather, we know a leather specialist will have professional techniques and tips on how to clear away wax from your sofas. As a result we do suggest that if you not sure, simply call a qualified! Immediately after all it is less difficult to check with a skilled than to remove your couch from your household space!

Just can’t get it out?

If you just cannot get it out, it’s alright! This just indicates that your carpet might have to have to be refreshed by a single of our honest technicians. The upholstery will be refreshing and pristine following our crew of specialist carpet cleaners and technicians are finished with your stain. We present additional than just physical aid and services we are pleased to give any totally free assistance or recommendations. Only a smaller range of organizations can eliminates rough stains and solids from your textiles without having detrimental a carpet. Consequently if we can’t take away candle wax residues or stains, no other company can! You can unwind figuring out every thing will be taken treatment of by Magic Carpet Cleaning Eire. Our treatments, which are made to function with both equally the stains and the carpet, this suggests that they are significantly additional strong than individuals offered on the industry. We extract it straight away after software and eliminate the stain with out harming the texture or colour of the carpet. Make sure you experience free to simply call us at 02089302650 for far more details.


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