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    A fully equipped, carpet cleaner will show up at your address

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    We Do Clean

    He will carefully inspect and deep clean your carpet or rug on site

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    Enjoy refreshed carpeting and a much healthier home

  • Carpet Cleaning Special Prices

3 Bed, Stairs & Landing

From €120

  • Carpet deodorising & sanitising included
  • Carpet stain treatment included
  • No extra charge for moving basic furniture
  • We pre-vacuum the carpet for you

Four Bedrooms

From €120

  • Carpet deodorising & sanitising included
  • Carpet stain treatment included
  • No extra charge for moving basic furniture
  • We pre-vacuum the carpet for you

2 Bed, Stairs & Landing

From €100

  • Carpet deodorising & sanitising included
  • Carpet stain treatment included
  • No extra charge for moving basic furniture
  • We pre-vacuum the carpet for you

*Stain protection (Scotchgard) - Up to 6 months stain protection guarantee, recommended for high traffic areas + prolonging the life of your carpeting.
T&C and Minimum Charges apply. Our carpet cleaning prices are based per room and when we calculate the price, we take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within Limerick and County Limerick. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

Eco Clean Solution's Carpet Cleaning: We Take Care Of Everything

We know that cleaning your carpet can be a long and stressful task, that nobody wants to do. At Eco Clean Solutions, we strive to make the carpet cleaning process as painless and as easy as possible. No matter how dirty your carpets are, our experts here in Limerick (and surrounding areas) can have them looking brand new!

There are many reasons to clean your carpet properly on a regular basis. This can reduce the level of allergens or mold inside the house, as these can often get stuck inside carpets. Cleaning your carpet properly can reduce the effect of these particles, leaving you and your family feeling much healthier. Deep cleaning your carpet at least once a year can also give it a longer life, and ensure that it is not breaking or falling apart due to causes such as water damage.

There are many different reasons you might need professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpets. From an end-of-tenancy clean-up, getting rid of stubborn stains that just won’t move, or simply wanting a clean carpet that just can’t be achieved with your own vacuum, we have a number of different techniques to suit your specific needs. Rest assured that your tailored cleaning program will have your carpet looking and feeling brand new!

All of our Products are Eco-Friendly

Eco Clean Solutions makes a conscious effort to only use products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. We strive to provide the best service for the people of Limerick, and this includes not using products that will potentially harm you, your family, or your employees. All of our cleaning products are tested to ensure that they will not cause allergic reactions or harm to young children or pets.

Our cleaning professionals will work with you to determine whether you or your family have allergies that are specific to any of the detergents that we use. Our priority is customer satisfaction, and we will determine a course of action that not only cleans your carpet, but ensures that you are comfortable.

At Eco Clean Solutions, we employ a range of tactics to get rid of even the most stubborn stains from carpet. Our professional carpet cleaners will utilize methods and non-toxic detergents that are specific to your needs and carpet material. It is important to note that regardless of the services you choose to go with, all of our different carpet cleaning options are child and pet safe. We have your needs in mind when completing our work, and can assure you that the result is always worth it.

Carpet Pre-vacuuming - Our professionals use a vacuum to get rid of any loose debris on the carpet. This ensures that nothing gets stuck to the carpet in the process. This is usually the first step in carpet cleaning, to ensure that the carpet is prepared for deep cleaning methods. Doing this removes the top layer of grime, so that when we get to the tougher stains, the liquids we use are able to target these areas directly, with no loose dirt in the way. Our vacuum steam cleaners operate with steam, which breaks down solids that have stuck to the carpet. The vacuum steam cleaner can then suck these up, as well as the excess liquid, leaving the carpet dry and ready for the next step.

Deodorising And Pre-spraying - Next we will pre-spray your carpet. We have a product specifically designed not be non-toxic. It creates a suspension that allows stuff to be taken away from the carpet by our techniques. Our pre-spray includes our unique odor-absorbing deodorizer and sanitizer. Bad smells in carpets are caused by bacteria and germs. We attack the root cause by killing the bacteria and germs. We know our pre-spraying process to be 99% effective.

Our Way To Deal With Carpet Stains - Your carpet acts as a sponge for everything dirty. Even if you cannot see it, there might be bacteria, dirt, and food stuck inside it. Your carpet could also be holding a lot of moisture, from leaking plants or humidity from the air. This can lead to a nasty smell if not thoroughly cleaned often enough. Using our eco-friendly products, we ensure that no unpleasant smells linger after the cleaning. The deodorizing smell stays long after the cleaning detergent has been removed out of the carpet, to give you that fresh smell. The pre-spray is a non-toxic chemical that bonds to grime and bacteria stuck on the carpet, so that when it comes time to use the steamer or stain remover, the mess has been primed for easier removal.

Carpet Clean using Steaming - This is one of our carpet cleaning services we recommend to everybody, because we believe that it is one of our most effective methods of achieving that “new carpet” look. This is the best way to deep clean a carpet, because it gets right into the hard-to-reach spots that regular vacuuming misses, getting rid of all the hidden dirt and grime. The steam machine sprays non-toxic detergent and water onto the carpet. The combination of detergent begins to break down bits of dirt and other compounds that are stuck in the carpet. These bits of grime then get sucked up in the vacuum with the residual water and detergent, as well as the pre-cleaner detergent. All in one machine! This ensures that there is no left-over mess from the procedure. At Eco Clean Solutions, we are constantly servicing and upgrading our machines to ensure that you receive the best quality service available on the market.

Carpet Stains - We understand that in life, mistakes can happen, and they can result in messy stains that will not go away. Our staff are trained to deal with anything they find stained on the carpet, from red wine, coffee stains, to water damage. We have a range of non-toxic solutions that are specifically designed to target a number of stubborn stains. With our state of the art technology and solutions, our expert cleaners are able to get rid of messes that not even old wives tales can deal with. If it can be physically removed, we will do it!

In saying that, please know that there are some stains that unfortunately cannot be removed without compromising the original quality of your carpet, no matter how hard you try. However, with our methods, we can minimize these as much as possible, to ensure that they are less noticeable.

Commercial and Office Carpet Cleaning Eco Clean Solutions is not just for cleaning carpets in the home, we are more than capable of cleaning commercial carpets as well. There is no job too big or too small! We work with you to clean at a time that is suitable for your workplace. We are available to clean carpets 24/7, so that there is little to no disruption with your workday, and the carpet has enough time to fully dry before people walk on it. We are fully capable of cleaning offices, schools, creches, churches, warehouses, restaurants and public houses.

Get in touch with our fantastic team, to receive a free quote for the cost of carpet cleaning. Prices will vary depending on the size of the carpet, severity of the mess, and carpet material. Our prices are competitive compared to other companies within Limerick, and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed, in the cost or the quality of our work. Our team will work with you to break down prices to ensure we put together a package that is tailored to your carpets’ needs, and leaves you with a brand-new looking carpet.

We Can Offer Discounted Carpet Cleaning Packages!

Carpet cleaning is not the only service that we can offer you for your home or corporate space. We can also provide other cleaning services such as rug or upholstery cleaning. When multiple services are bought in conjunction with each other, we can offer you great discounted packages. If you need to clean your entire living room, save some time and money and let us do it all for you! Also, if you would like to sign up to our customer base, you will be the first to hear about any brand new specials we have, saving you even more money.

* NOTE: Combine the service with upholstery and furniture cleaning, book it as part of after tenancy cleaning (including driveway cleaning ), part of commercial office carpet cleaning for business or even a standalone commercial carpet cleaning service, and benefit from our discounts, membership and combo deals.

At Eco Clean Solutions, our carpet cleaners pride themselves on their work. We are constantly using new eco-friendly products, and top of the range machines to get the job done efficiently for your benefit. We have videos of our carpet cleaning in action, so that you can see for yourself the results of our work. We also have a gallery of before and after pictures, so that you can see the difference that Carpet Cleaners can make in your home. We are focused on creating lasting professional relationships with all of our clients, to ensure that they receive the best service possible. To understand why so many people keep reusing our services, feel free to check our customer testimonials.

We have a simple, easy to follow the process to book to get your carpets cleaned. Simply send us a message through our website. Our office hours are Monday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm, and you can expect a response within minutes during this period. Through this we can discuss the best carpet cleaning services for your needs, and whether you require one of our other services as well. We will work with you to book a time that is fast and convenient for you. We provide our services all over Limerick, and will work around your schedule and needs. Don’t hesitate, and get in touch today!

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Below you can see some results of our carpet cleaning services:

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stairs carpet cleaning before e1520907630876 stairs carpet cleaning after e1520907593268

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    Power Washing

    Commercial & domestic pressure washing services.

  • We Guarantee...


How intense is the foot traffic in your carpet? Are you using stain protection of any kind? In general, you should have your carpets cleaned at least twice a year, but it can vary a lot depending on the use they get and the preventions you are taking.

Hot water extraction (HWE) is also known as steam cleaning. When you bring high pressure into the party things change. Here's the deal:

  • Hot water (hot enough that is actual steam and not liquid) is injected by a high-performance unit. It stems your carpet to its very core.
  • At the same time as steam goes in, we apply suction. This removes almost all the moisture (to the rate of 95%) and it sanitizes your textiles.

We deal with a huge range of carpets and rugs. Chances are we can get your rug the right attention it needs. If you are in doubt just please call us and ask.

Every day of every week of every month we will be there for you. We work in the evening too, if you make a proper appointment. We are available all throughout Dublin and the whole of County Dublin also parts of Kildare and Meath.

Every chemical resource we use has been proven to be eco-friendly. It's harmless to humans and pets and we know it to be utterly safe for sure. And since we are on the safety subject: don't step on your carpet until it dries up completely

Carpets drying time would be 6-10 hours 90% of the time. Other cases could be much longer than usual depending on few factors, typically. 

We typically send 2 persons professional to clean carpets. So they will be able to move light furniture around as long as it is needed and it does not pose any additional risk.

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