10 Most Frequently Asked Questions During Janitorial Job Interviews

Top 10 Questions You Can Expect in a Janitorial Job Interview


Securing a job as a janitor in a reputable cleaning company like ECO Clean Solutions in Dublin can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. To help you prepare for your interview, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most frequently asked inquiries during janitorial position interviews. By knowing what to expect, you can confidently navigate the process and improve your chances of getting hired.

  1. What are your previous experiences in the cleaning industry?

Employers often want to know about your background and experience in the cleaning industry. Be prepared to discuss any previous janitorial roles, the responsibilities you had, and the skills you developed.

  1. What cleaning techniques and equipment are you familiar with?

Understanding various cleaning techniques and equipment is essential for a janitorial role. Discuss your familiarity with different cleaning methods, such as wet and dry cleaning, as well as your experience with tools and equipment like vacuum cleaners, mops, and cleaning chemicals.

  1. How do you prioritize tasks in a janitorial role?

Time management and prioritization are critical in janitorial positions. Explain your approach to organizing your workload, how you manage deadlines, and your strategies for ensuring all tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

  1. How do you maintain a safe working environment?

Safety is paramount in the cleaning industry. Be prepared to discuss your knowledge of safety protocols, such as proper handling of chemicals, safe use of equipment, and adherence to safety guidelines.

  1. How do you handle difficult or stubborn cleaning situations?

Every janitorial job will present unique challenges. Describe your problem-solving skills and how you tackle challenging cleaning tasks. Provide examples of situations where you’ve successfully addressed difficult cleaning scenarios.

  1. Are you comfortable working independently or as part of a team?

Some janitorial roles may require you to work alone, while others involve collaborating with a team. Explain your experience and comfort level in both scenarios, showcasing your adaptability and teamwork skills.

  1. Can you provide excellent customer service?

Janitors often interact with clients and building occupants. Describe your customer service skills, including your ability to communicate professionally and address concerns promptly and effectively.

  1. Are you familiar with green cleaning practices?

ECO Clean Solutions prides itself on using eco-friendly cleaning methods. Discuss your knowledge of green cleaning practices, such as using environmentally friendly products and reducing waste. If you have prior experience in this area, be sure to highlight it.

  1. Are you willing to undergo a background check?

Trustworthiness is essential in janitorial positions. Be prepared to confirm your willingness to undergo a background check as part of the hiring process.

  1. What is your availability?

Employers need to know your availability to ensure you can meet the requirements of the job. Be honest about your preferred working hours and any scheduling constraints you may have.


Preparing for a janitorial position interview can be easier when you know the common questions to expect. By understanding these 10 frequently asked inquiries, you can confidently showcase your skills and experience during the interview process. Remember, ECO Clean Solutions in Dublin values eco-friendly cleaning practices and excellent customer service, so be sure to emphasize your commitment to these principles. Visit ecocleansolutions.ie to learn more about our services and job opportunities.

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